Long Distance Healing is a system of healing utilizes the principles of Quantum Physics and Qi Gong Healing into a system of healing that only requires a minimal connection and relaxation of the patient.

Throughout the world, many civilizations have similar healing systems that can bridge distances to heal patients.  The principles of all these systems are similar.

How Does Long Distance Work?

Using either a webcam connection or telephone, healing through Long Distance Healing is performed on the individual being treated.  An interview process is performed to determine what the patient wants to work on in regards to their health needs.  The patient is usually asked to sit down with back straight.  Their hands are placed on the laps with palms facing up.  At this point the practitioner then performs a general energetic scan of the body followed by cleansing the whole body of bioelectrical disturbances.  This is followed by focus on the target problem area(s).

What are the requirements for Long Distance Healing?

1.  Long Distance Healing only requires a skype account with webcam and microphone.  A skype account can be obtained at www.skype.com.

2.  Minimally a telephone connection can also be used.

3.  An open mind is also necessary for optimal results.

How long is each session?

Each session can last from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the severity of the condition.

What conditions can be treated by Long Distance Healing?

• Allergies/Common Cold • Menopause/PMS
• Arthritis • Parkinson’s Disease
• Backaches • PAIN of all types
• Chemo/Radiation Support • Pediatrics
• Depression/Anxiety • Skin Conditions
• Drug Withdrawal • Sports Injuries
• Headaches • Stop Smoking
• Hemorrhoids • Tension/Stress
• High Blood Pressure • TMJ
• Indigestion/Ulcers • Toothaches
• Low Energy • Weight Control

How do I schedule an appointment?

An appointment can be scheduled online via email or by phone.