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Medicine Dharma Healing

The Philosophy and Art of Healing

One thing that many people neglect during the winter time is the need for proper clothing. People need to realize that the body has a finite amount of usable energy, whether it is used for keeping the immune system in optimal condition, or to keep the body warm in this case. Of course, stress steals away a lot of energy that the body needs, but that will be discussed in another post.
Proper outerwear during the winter time includes:

1. Scarf – to cover the neck region, because the nape of the neck is usually a vulnerable area in which we, in Chinese medicine believe, illness can attack.
2. Coat – to protect the main body from loss of heat.
3. Hat – to protect the top of the head from loss of heat.
4. Gloves – this is especially necessary for those living in conditions of snow.
5. Ear muffs – A necessity on the east coast of the US.
6. Boots – to ensure your feet do not get wet during cold temperatures.

As you can see the clothing helps to prevent heat loss, thus more energy can be utilized to create white blood cells for immunity purposes

MD’s and Herbs…

by ROBERT CHU on MARCH 27, 2010

Often, MD’s tell patients to not take herbs. I can understand their concern for their patients, but if a patient is seeing me and diagnosed by me as needing herbs, I still recommend them.

Doctors usually:
1) Don’t have any herbal knowledge at all
2) Don’t prescribe herbs to patients and see the effect of herbs on them
3) Don’t have a license to prescribe or dispense herbs
4) Don’t use them for themselves
5) Go by hearsay and say herbs can cause kidney damage, etc. My retort is which ones? There are over 2000 Materia Medica substances used in Chinese Medicine…

Many drugs can cause Liver and Kidney failure when taken long term or when taken with other drugs, but I wouldn’t say all drugs do. In fact, so many beloved celebrities have been victims of medicinal drugs – just look at Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Corey Haim.

So the next time an MD talks about herbs, find out their qualifications about herbs and their experience with herbs. If they are found lacking, then its better to listen to your acupuncturist/herbalist.